Destroy the Beast’s or Antichrist’s Kingdom

The courtroom in heaven

Daniel 7 records 2 judgments rendered by the Heavenly court. The book of Revelation records the second judgment. Thus we see a critical link that provides context and purpose to the book of Revelation. This link also provides chronological context to the book of Revelation. The worldwide cataclysmic events described in Revelation clearly apply to the destruction of Antichrist’s worldwide kingdom and do not fit into the second half of the 70th week of years that are focused on Israel.

The Courtroom Setup

First Judgment Is to Consume and Destroy the Beast’s Kingdom

Second Judgment Is to Establish God’s Eternal Kingdom

Celebration Everywhere!

Is the book that Daniel seals the book that Jesus unseals?

Worldwide fire

Destroy Beast’s kingdom From heaven

When the Heavenly court passes judgment to terminate the beasts’ kingdom, it sets in motion an incredible series of events to consume and destroy the beast’s kingdom.

But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy [it] unto the end. (Daniel 7:26)

The first set of events originate in Heaven and include the four apocalyptic horsemen, the prelude to the first six trumpets, the first six trumpets, the first six vials, and the prelude to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Seals in Revelation

First Seal – White Horse

Second Seal – Red Horse

Third Seal – Black Horse

Fourth Seal – Pale Horse

Fifth Seal – Souls of Martyrs Slain

144,000 Sealed

Seventh Seal – Silence in Heaven and Seven Trumpets

Trumpets in Revelation

First Trumpet – Hail Fire and Blood

Second Trumpet – Great Mountain with Fire

Third Trumpet – Burning Star

Fourth Trumpet – Third of Sun Moon and Stars Smitten

Angel Warns of Remaining Three Trumpets

Fifth Trumpet – Locusts

Sixth Trumpet – Four Angels Loosed at the Euphrates

Vials in Revelation

Seven Angels with Seven Plagues

First Vial – Sore on Those with Mark of Beast

Second Vial – Sea Became Blood

Third Vial – Rivers and Waters Became Blood

Fourth Vial – Sun Scorches Men with Fire

Fifth Vial – Antichrist’s Kingdom Goes Dark

Sixth Vial – Nations Gathered to Battle of Armageddon

Prelude to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Just prior to Christ’s return we see the fall of Mystery Babylon and signs in the sun moon and stars. When Jesus Christ returns there will be no more opportunities for salvation so the great commission must be fulfilled prior to His return.

Mystery Babylon is Fallen

Signs in the Sun Moon and Stars

Gospel proclaimed to all people groups, then the end shall come (Matthew 24:14)

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ Returns!

He that endures to the end shall be saved (Matthew 24:13)

Except those day be shortened no flesh saved (Matthew 24:22)

In the End the Saints Overcome

The Rapture

This Generation Shall Not Pass Until All These Things be Fulfilled

As it Was in the Days of Noah and Lot

Sixth Seal and Seventh Trumpet and Vial

Destroy Beast’s kingdom From Earth

The Old and New Testaments often refer to this as the “Day of the Lord”.

The Battle of Armageddon